Synchronicity Finishes Three-Year $475,000 Capital Campaign with a Bang!

June 30th, 2017 marks the end of Synchronicity Theatre’s three-year-long Transition Campaign for the build out and improvement of our first ever permanent performance space. In the spring of 2014, we were performing at 14th Street Playhouse when it was sold to Savannah College of Art and Design. This closure of a prominent rental venue left Synchronicity and dozens of other organizations with nowhere to perform.

Synchronicity faced this problem head on. Building on a successful track record of collaboration and outreach, Synchronicity was ideally positioned to lead the development of a much-needed flexible arts space in Midtown Atlanta. We seized the moment and embarked on a $475,000 Transition Campaign to provide for renovations, underwrite facility start-up costs, and sustain ongoing operations.

This campaign also provided:

  • capacity-building support across three years as we transition into an expanded business model
  • funds to renovate our new theatre
  • a central home to expand our programing
  • an affordable rental venue to numerous Atlanta arts and non-arts organizations

Our new home is located in Midtown in the Peachtree Pointe office complex (home of Invesco). This 140-seat venue underwent a cost-effective transformation into a new, intimate performance space for Synchronicity’s programming, as well as arts, community and corporate groups. Our growing rental community, paired with our expanding programing and capacity-building goals, has helped establish Synchronicity Theatre as a vital hub for the arts in Metro Atlanta.

In the very first year of this incredible campaign we raised $427,292.  In the final two years, we raised $56,375, bringing us to a total of $483,667 — $8,667 over our initial goal! This was done through the tremendous efforts of our staff and the incredible generosity of our donors, local businesses and numerous foundations.  We would like to express our deepest thanks to all who supported this campaign and helped us turn this house into a home.

Moving into to our new space has led to an incredible amount of growth for Synchronicity in the last three years.


  • Increased our main stage programming from three shows a year to five, adding two full productions to our Bold Voices Series for adult audiences
  • Launched our new arts incubator project, Stripped Bare. This project’s aim is to provide free space, technical support and marketing support to young professionals with new and experimental work
  • Premiered two projects in 2016-2017 from creators Rebekah Suellau (Hannah Cremation & The Ash) and Adrienne Reynolds (Bird – A Study of Sound)
  • Expanded mission-driven programming like Playmaking for Girls to reach more at-risk teen girls across Atlanta
  • Brought in over 10,000 new patrons and increased ticket sales across all of our play series
  • Added two full-time staff members to bolster our team and help us reach our new goals
  • Launched a new five-year strategic plan and increased salaries for our artists, designers and staff
  • Rented our space to over 55 different organizations, bringing in over $75,000 in rental income
  • Continued to produce Smart, Gutsy, Bold theatre, including at least one World Premiere every year

These are just some of the numerous accomplishments we made in the past three years, and our goals for the future are just as ambitious. Again, none of this would have been accomplished without the support of our donors and the community around us. So, from the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so, so much.

Please join us in celebrating the next phase of Synchronicity Theatre, as we enter our 20th Anniversary Season.

The best is yet to come.